4333 California St., San Francisco, CA 94118
 (415) 831-4339

Fees and Procedures

My current fee is $150, for a 50 minute session.

A sliding scale fee is available for multiple sessions a week, and on a case specific basis. 

If you have PPO insurance (as opposed to HMO),  your insurance will cover me as an "out of network provider".  The percentage covered would depend on the particular terms of your policy, ie, your annual deductible and copays.
Please check with your insurance company for the specifics of your coverage.  

On a case specific basis,  if you require a Russian or Hebrew  speaking therapist, your insurance may cover your treatment with me, even if you have an HMO policy.  This usually occurs if they do not have  a Russian or Hebrew speaking therapist on their panel, or within a reasonable distance of your dwelling; if you tried the therapists on their panel, and did not find them to be a good match; or if there are reasons of confidentiality, that prevent you from seeing the therapist on their HMO panel.

Fees are collected at the end of each session, by check or cash.  At the end of the month, you will receive a statement, detailing the fees paid, which,
in turn,  you could submit to your insurance (online, by mail or fax), for reimbursement. 

I am a provider for the San Francisco Mental Health Plan, and accept Medical patients in San Francisco county, if they require a Russian speaking therapist.

I am not a Medicare provider and cannot accept Medi/Medi clients.

If you have any further questions about fee related issues, or other issues concerning logistics, please do not hesitate calling me at :(415)831-4339
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